Friday, January 27, 2012

Nordic Game Jam #1 - "Shit Game"

So it's a good time to open up a game blog now, as I can start on the Nordic Game Jam competition in Copenhagen - a 3 day event with some talks and some game jamming (designing and developing a game within a very limited time frame).

I have recently checked in to the Game Jam in the IT University of Copenhagen and it was quite a hectic start. The initial talk was interestingly on low-budget games and how to make the most of simplicity. Games of this kind were mentioned, such as the "Shit Game" and "Space Funeral". Look them up.

shit game

space funeral

 And yes, the screenshot below is a screenshot of an actual game too:
lost in the static
Finally, there was another interestingly hilarious game and a video will be uploaded later on for your amusement, so keep in touch. There will be several updates of this blog during the jam.

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