Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nordic Game Jam #8 - Finals

It's been a very long and exhausting day after a sleepless night, with barely any time or strength to blog on the ongoing Nordic Game Jam. The experience to develop the game within 48 hours is simply amazing, especially when using unfamiliar tools and requiring an extremely quick learning effort.

Once again, I will write more about my team's game later on. Currently I am sitting through the finalists, in which sadly we did not qualify. Nevertheless, it is really an outstanding feeling to see crazy ideas and out-of-the-box innovation.

Some games that have struck me:

  • A game for iPad between 2 participants. Taking turns, one has to imitate one or more sounds heard through an earphone. The other player must choose one of several pictures on the screen which represents the sound. The mapping is not immediately clear between sounds and pictures, but a pattern soon becomes recognizable.
  • Another very simple yet hilarious open-for-everyone game. There are 4 colors on screen, and one or more people belong to each color. When the color lights up, the people in the team must shout as loud as they can to race ahead. 

Other games were particularly noteworthy, but might be a little harder to explain in words. I should have, in fact, recorded a video of the action, but my energy is running very low.

At this moment, I'm watching another finalist entry game that involves flying carpets and robberies.

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