Friday, January 27, 2012

Nordic Game Jame #4 - "BioWare"

Last talk for today, but not least, by Manveer Heir, a senior designer from BioWare (currently working on Mass Effect 3) coming from Montreal.

Manveer around Copenhagen
Talk by Manveer, designer of Wolfenstein and Mass Effect 3
He leads a very lively and hilarious talk on the history of game jams, encouraging the spirit of creativity, fun and especially the leap to try new, crazy things that could generate a new, successful game idea or concept.

Manveer proceeds to talk about Rapid Prototyping, comparing it to pottery. He mentions an interesting observation in which a group of students are graded on the quality of a single pot they make, while another group of students are graded on the quantity of pots they manage to make. The result was that the quality for the group that produced masses of pots was higher - learning from mistakes and improving by doing.

On ideas, he talks that constraints are necessary. It's impossible to just imagine and think about anything, too many ideas will come.

"We're all full of stupid ideas".

Sharing stupid ideas can spark creativity and lead to good developed ideas.

"Better have something small and good, rather than broad and average".

The talk ended with great cheering and clapping. The actual jamming starts soon after this.

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