Friday, January 27, 2012

Nordic Game Jam #2 - "Ordnungswissenschaft"

The second talk in the Indie track involved the game Rochard: The Birth of an Astronomer. The game is quite innovative and fun from the trailers and gameplay videos we saw, but what was more interesting was the talk on its actual development.

Apparently there was barely a plan at all on the game to develop, and there was no designing and preparations before starting to actually create some artifact. By simply playing around with the popular Unity game engine, they grew with ideas, even too many ideas that some were abandoned.

All in all: Pre-production, planning and design are important, but success is possible without too. It can also be beneficial to disobey your producer.

The third talk of the day was about artists who combined their very different skills into making creative games. This just shows the potential of synergies gained through teams of people from different backgrounds. Inspiration of games does not come simply through learning game design, but rather comes from anything but games (Alright, not entirely true. You do get inspired by other games to some extent).

Ordnungswissenschaft - game created by the artists

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