Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nordic Game Jam #9 - We Fucked Up

So after revealing to us an entirely new, experimental, online way of voting for the winner of the finalist entries, they fucked up. The online system failed miserably, with lots of unpredicted behavior such as random votes going to unchosen entries.

Following a wasted waiting time, we went back to the so called traditional voting, where each person is given one lego piece (of course, in Denmark) to use it as a single vote

Voting the "traditional" way
The winners are being announced right now.

First place in the board games section is the astounding Mussades, that of magic carpets and robberies. It's truly an honor to win this prize, which gets their game sponsored and published professionally. Kudos to its designers.

The event progressed with the different juries expressing their personal favorite games and giving general feedback on the competition.

Finally, the grand prize of the Nordic Game Jam competition goes to, against my expectations, the "game" "Simon Gustafsson Two And A Fjers Men [Haha]". This is a very weird and freaky game, if it can be called a game after all, and perhaps it's this immense originality of the game that awarded the team the prize.

Winners of the Nordic Game Jam Competition 2012
Now, despite heavy lack of sleep and high consumption of caffeine, we go to party...because we only live once.

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